I am a New York Bankruptcy Attorney who helps New Yorkers from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Long Island, Syracuse, Buffalo, Albany, and all over NYC file for bankruptcy in New York.  Helping people in these tough financial times get a break is what I live for.  There is no better feeling in the world for me then helping a family in a tough financial situation, break free from their overburdening debts and credit card bills.

One of my primary responsibilities as a New York bankruptcy attorney is to make the process as fast and easy for you as possible.  In order to follow through the bankruptcy process you need to do only a few things.

1. Phone Consultation: The first step is when you call my office (347) 321-8532 and speak with me directly.  I will assess your financial situation, tell you whether you qualify for bankruptcy, and if it is right for you.

2.  Complete Questionnaire: If you qualify and we’ve determined bankruptcy is the best option for you and you have retained me as your bankruptcy lawyer, then you will fill out a bankruptcy questionnaire at home for me and then either submit it to me by mail, in my hand at my office, or electronically through my website.

3.  Complete 1 Hour Pre-Filing Course: As part of the new requirements to file bankruptcy, each debtor must take a pre-approved pre-filing course in credit counseling.  It takes about 45 mins.  You can take it over the phone or on-line.  It costs around $50.

4.  Attend 341 Meeting: After I’ve prepared the bankruptcy petition for you and you’ve looked it over to make sure all the information is accurate, I will file the bankruptcy petition for you.  Then about a few weeks later, you will attend a 341 Meeting – also known as the Meeting of Creditors.  If you answered all of the questions in the questionnaire accurately, this should be a 5-minute meeting where the trustee of your case will simply ask you a few questions verifying the accuracy of your petition.  The trustee will also verify that you don’t have any non-exempt assets that can be sold to the creditors.

5,  Complete 1 Hour Post-Filing Course: After the short 341 meeting, you must take a post-filing bankruptcy course on financial management.  It is about 1 hour long you can take it by phone or over the Internet.  It is around $50.  Once I receive the certificate of completion, you have nothing further to do and in just a few short weeks your debts that we listed in the petition will be discharged and wiped away from your name forever.

That’s it. The only standing between you and possibly a debt-free life are those five short to-dos.  Call me today and I will try to help make your dream of a debt-free life into reality.