After spending considerable periods of time working in big law practices, I was disheartened by the fact that I had little client contact.  I became a lawyer to help people and improve their lives  I was unsatisfied with the corporate grind so I decided to start my own law practice.

The goal of my law practice has been from the start and continues to be to provide unmatched client support.  When my clients call my office, I don’t put them on hold with one of my secretaries, I make sure they reach me directly.  That is how I would want my lawyer to treat me when I call, so that is how I tried to structure my law practice.

In my law practice, I listen to the clients.  What are they going through?  What are their biggest concerns?  There are no two clients – each client is a unique individual.  I try to help my clients the best I possibly can instead of just rushing them in my office and then out of my office.  It is not uncommon for many of my clients to consider me as one of their friends.

I view it as a great privilege to do the type of work I do everyday.  I help people in really tough financial situations escape and move forward with their lives, leaving their massive amounts of debt behind.  It is a great feeling when I reassure the client that yes you qualify for bankruptcy, that credit card debt will soon all be history.  The nightmare you are living will soon be behind you and clearer skies are up ahead.

It is and will continue to be my greatest goal to serve you to best of my abilities in helping you wipe away your old debts, clearing the way for a fresh financial start for you and your family.