Knee pain has become the most common problem of the old and middle-aged people. There are many treatments available these days to reduce the pain but knee replacement surgery is the best alternative among all.

The main reason to go for the knee replacement surgery is the fact that most of the people have degenerative joint disease. So they feel permanent pain in their knee.

Thus it is recommended to go for the knee replacement surgery. But there are some complications you must know before going through the surgery.

knee replacement surgery

Loosening: This is one of the most common problems people face after the knee replacement surgery. The faulty knee implant to the knee joint can also be the reason behind it. But the doctors are responsible for the knee complications.

That is why people now taking the help of depuy attune knee lawsuit professionals to file the complaint against the surgery failure.

Pain: Most of the people notice that their pain reduces after the surgery. But some people also discover the problem as the same while some experienced other new types of pain. Studies show that 10-20% people have the same or more pain after the knee replacement surgery.

depuy attune knee lawsuit

Blood Clots:

Knee replacement surgery caused the blood clots. They usually occur after the two weeks of the surgery but they sometimes occur within few hours after the surgery or may take place even in the operating room. In order to know regarding knee replacement lawsuits you can browse

Unstable Knee: This problem is another serious one. This may lead to total failure of the knee aside from loosening. This problem is found to happen in 1% cases. The unstable knee can also lead to weight gain problems.

Vessel damage: This is the rare one complication that can appear after the knee replacement. Read this informative post on knee replacement lawsuit. 

Scar Pain: This complication is not the serious on. This can go away without any treatment. Usually, this happens when the patient touches the scar.