Conflict resolution is a process that involves the peaceful ending of conflict between two parties. The party tries to resolve the conflict by actively communicating. They exchange information related to their ideologies with another person. The ideology indicates person intention, the reason for holding a certain belief. By this mean, they try to collectively negotiate. Family mediation (also known as ‘familienrechtliche mediation’ in the German language) is also a way to resolve disagreement with the help of mediator.

Cognitive resolution is another way of conflict resolution in which disputants try to understand and view the conflict through perspective, belief, and understanding. Behavioral resolution corresponds to how disputants act and their behavior.


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There is a number of method for addressing a conflict such as mediation, negotiation, mediation-arbitration, peacebuilding, and diplomacy.

Conflict resolution is also referred to as legal dispute resolution(also known as ‘rechtliche streitbeilegung’ in the German Language). In dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation processes are involved.

Conflict resolution use of nonviolent resistance, measures are done by conflicted parties in order to promote effective resolution.

Theories and models related to conflict resolution

  • Dual concern model

The dual concern model is based on two main themes or dimensions which are:

Concern for self: This is also known as assertiveness

Concern for other: This is also known as Empathy

In dual concern, the model individual tries to satisfy each other personal need and interest.


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  • Avoidance conflict style

Conflict avoidance is another style for conflict resolution in which topic is changed in order to avoid the conflict. In such conflict wait and see attitude is followed in order to phase out without any personal involvement.

  • Competitive conflict style

In this conflict resolution strategy, there is maximum assertiveness and minimum empathy. Here the group member generally wants to dominate over others. For such people, conflict is all about winning and losing. You can click here to get more information related to conflict resolution.

The main goal of conflict resolution

  • Finding a solution on which both parties agree
  • The effort being made to improvise relationship between the two parties