Every middle level company requires maintaining their accounts information by a knowledgeable Chartered Accountant.

There are few regulations for the appointment of a registered company auditor or CA in a company within a month of company amalgamation.

Auditor’s works specifically for a company will be hold till the annual general meeting. Here you can find out more information about the auditors and their responsibilities.

CA access to the accounts

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Board of directors of a company appoints auditors with the access towards the accounts book details and also the vouchers monitored by the registered office.

Subsidiaries record access and all also the duties for maintaining financial statements are performed by an auditor.

CA duties on general meeting- Notice issue

The process of conducting general meeting in a company is done while providing all the required notices by the auditor as per Companies Act for all company members. Do contact tax agent gold coast services to get more details on the hiring of a reliable CA.

Attend general meetings

Auditors of the company should attend the general meeting which is conducted every financial year to reveal the accounts and financial information.

Here is a brief description about the role of auditors in any company for the safer account maintenance:


  • Ensure security by checking whether the loan and advance taken by the company properly and also the terms they have made are followed by the interest of company members
  • The progression of inspecting the book entries of transactions by the company is prejudicial to the interest
  • The required assets of the company like shares, debentures and other security items by the company is compared with the cost value that is been sold need to be less than the company bought in.
  • Get more information on the duties performed by registered CAs and then only hire the right one for your company.
  • Examining the deposit amount details in the records with the information of loans and advances of the company
  • Whether the Revenue account includes any personal expenses have to be checked clearly by the auditor.